Integrated Laser Controller (ILC)

AOSense has developed a compact Integrated Laser Controller (ILC) that can be paired with our External Cavity Diode Lasers (ECDLs) to control laser current, piezo transducer (PZT), and temperature. The ultra-low noise electronics are fully digitally controlled. The ILC dimensions are only 5″x2.9″x0.95″. We provide software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that can control multiple lasers from a single window. If preferred, commands may be sent over a USB virtual COM port. The software screenshot below (click the image to enlarge) shows the interface including a plot of the temperature (green line) as it settles to a commanded value.

ILC software


ECDL controller Model No. AOS-ILC-P-XXX
Dimensions (LxWxH) Compact: 5.4″x2.9″x0.95″
Current range 100 mA/200 mA/250 mA
Current resolution 10 μA
Laser current noise 100 pA/√Hz
Laser current mod DC coupled DC-10 MHz
Laser current mod AC coupled 0.5-50 MHz
PZT range 150 V
PZT noise <500 nV√Hz
PZT modulation DC-5 kHz
PZT/Current FFWD Yes, variable gain
TEC range 15-40 C
Temperature resolution 1 mK
Control interface USB
Memory (serial number, safety limits, operation) NVRAM, in controller
Power supply +5 V DC
Power consumption 6 W typical (10 W start)
Software Interface
Multi-laser support Yes, up to 10
Auto limits Yes
Laser control Thermal, LD current, PZT
Detail settings (TEC PID, FFWD gain, port enable) Yes
Data logging Plots and CSV export
Application Programming Interface (API) Yes, via virtual COM port
GUI operating system Windows 7, 8, or 10

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