Sensors for a quantum world

Sensors for a
Quantum World

Leading developer and manufacturer of atom-optic technology.

Leaders in quantum sensing technology

Leaders in quantum sensing & clock technology

AOSense’s quantum-atomic sensors leverage the outstanding sensitivity, accuracy, and stability of atomic spectroscopy to develop high-performance atomic clocks, gyroscopes, accelerometers, gravimeters, and gravity gradiometers.

Demonstrating expertise

Demonstrating expertise

AOSense’s multidisciplinary team of physicists and engineers has tackled complex engineering challenges, brought innovative solutions, and demonstrated unprecedented precision and accuracy.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

At AOSense, we bring custom atom trapping and vacuum hardware to meet the challenging size, weight, and power requirements of our customers.

Building from the ground up

Building from the ground up

At AOSense, we design and manufacture the building blocks of our sensors with compact design, high performance, and ingenuity in mind.

Probing the future of measurement

Advancing the frontiers of measurement

AOSense stands at the forefront of quantum measurement methods for advanced field applications.

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Bringing atom-optic quantum science to the world

At AOSense, we successfully transition atom-optic quantum research to real-world solutions. Cold-atom sensors can be tailored to a wide range of applications and often outperform traditional sensors. Our team designs, fabricates, and tests high-performance cold-atom sensors for inertial navigation, time and frequency standards, and gravity measurement. AOSense is dedicated to commercializing these technologies for defense, industrial, and scientific applications.


AOSense designs and builds high-performance inertial sensors for precision navigation.


AOSense develops portable optical frequency standards and self-referenced frequency combs designed for simplicity and ruggedness.


AOSense has built and demonstrated cold atom sensors for measuring gravity and gravity gradients, including a compact gravimeter.


Transitioning research into reality


AOSense’s multiple research projects utilize cutting-edge quantum advancements to tackle modern-day challenges.


AOSense designs systems for a wide range of demanding environments with high performance, size, weight, and power in mind.


AOSense overcomes engineering challenges to build functional, reliable, and durable systems to meet customer needs.


AOSense’s iterative prototype process ensures the highest standards are met.


AOSense products undergo extensive testing and quality assurance before being carefully packaged and shipped.

Leaders in quantum sensing technology

AOSense has extensive experience developing custom quantum-sensing solutions to meet the challenging size, weight, and power requirements of our customers. Lab-based experiments by AOSense physicists have demonstrated unprecedented precision and accuracy for measurements of rotation, acceleration, time and frequency, and gravity and gravity gradients.

AOSense Atomic Clock


Multidisciplinary team

AOSense’s multidisciplinary team of physicists and engineers are experts in 

AOSense’s multidisciplinary team of physicists and engineers are experts in mechanical, electrical, optical, vacuum, software, and optomechanical engineering; atomic physics; embedded systems; integrated circuit design; laser physics; packaging; and precision manufacturing.

Innovative atom-optic sensors

AOSense is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative atom-optic sensors involving atom cooling and trapping, vacuum hardware, laser systems, and optical technology. We have built and sold compact and high-performance inertial measurement units, atomic clocks, and gravimeters.


Building blocks

AOSense creates the building blocks which make up its sensors. Our capabilities include frequency-stable lasers, robust and compact optical devices, long-lifetime atom sources, and low-noise electronics.

Our story

AOSense was formed in 2004 by Brenton Young and Mark Kasevich to spin off innovative research developed at Stanford University, joined by Jim Spilker as Chairman. In 2006, AOSense was awarded its first prime contract from DARPA to design, build, and test a gravity gradiometer and single-axis accelerometer/gyroscope. Since then, AOSense has successfully designed and built state-of-the-art cold atom technology for numerous government-sponsored programs funded by DARPA, Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA, NSF, DTRA, and the intelligence community.

Join our team

AOSense is always seeking talented scientists, engineers, and support staff to help build world-class optic sensors.