Rack Laser System

Rack-based laser systems for quantum research/applications

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Rack-based laser systems for quantum research/applications

Custom laser system design for each customer. See ECDL datasheet for available wavelengths.

Built-to-order options:

  • Laser optical systems customized to your specific atomic species and application requirements
    • Full optical table functionality in a 19″ rack including ECDLs, DBRs, lock modules, AOMs, and EOMs
    • Basic example: cooling/detection laser, repump laser, and ionization laser on fiber output. User provides modulation/stabilization – laser feedback ports and electronics provided.
    • Advanced example: multi-wavelength system with separate fiber outputs by function, including built-in AOMs and EOMs and laser frequency stabilization for an atomic clock or a quantum computer
  • Control systems for AMO applications
    • Power, analog, and digital control signals in; amplified, agile RF out
    • Timing system operable as master or slave
    • Windows GUI device programming; Python interface over Ethernet

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