Cold Atomic Beam System

Complete cold atomic beam sources for alkaline-earth precision experiments and atomic devices.

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Detailed description of item: Complete cold atomic beam sources for alkaline-earth precision experiments and atomic devices. Small chambers with patented permanent-magnet Zeeman slowers and in-vacuum 2D MOT optics allow high flux with low outgassing and no thermal beam flux at the cold atom port, which provides a CF-133 connection to customer vacuum chamber. Advanced thermal design of the effusion oven allows long-lifetime operation at minimal heating power, with no water cooling. An integrated low-outgassing hot window is provided for coupling of on-axis Zeeman cooling light. Ion and getter pumps integrated into the chamber manage outgassing from the oven at temperatures up to 520 °C. Operating baseline pressures below 1×10-11 mbar can be attained in the customer’s downstream cold atom (typically 3D MOT) science chamber, with suitable pumping speed provided at the differentially-pumped cold beam output port.

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Beam-RevC-Ca, Beam-RevC-Sr, Beam-RevC-Yb

Cold Atomic Beams SystemPerformance
Cold atom flux1011 atoms/s
Temperature transverseT < 3 mK
Axial Speed~40 m/s
Atomic Beam OvenPerformance
Stontium flux, 17 mrad half-angle>3x1013 atoms/s
Calcium flux, 11 mrad half-angle>1x1014 atoms/s
Power consumption5 W at 520 C
Outgassing6x10-8 Torr-L/s at 400˚C
Water coolingnone
Maximum temperature (tested)650˚C
Zeeman SlowerPerformance
TypeSigma-minus standard
B-field generationPermanent magnets
Magnetic shieldIntegrated
Thermal shieldIntegrated
Hot Window for SlowerPerformance
Maximum temperature (tested)480˚C
Outgassing3x10-9 Torr-L/s at 480˚C
Window materialZ-cut sapphire, AR coating
Clear aperture8.5 mm
Atomic Beams ChambersPerformance
WindowsWelded, AR coated
Volume2 L, complete system
Ion Pump3 L/s, integrated
Getter Pumps50 L/s and 5 L/s
Beam chamber baseline vacuum level (before pressure drop
across the differentially-pumped output tube):
- Oven and hot window off
- 480˚C oven, 350˚C window - typical operation

< 1x10-10 Torr
< 2x10-8 Torr
Connection to the customer systemsUHV gate valve standard