The IP-X ion pump is an ultra-compact 1 L/s ion pump with low stray magnetic field and a miniature high voltage connector designed for UHV applications.

Applications and features

The patent pending IP-X ion pump design is ideal for applications requiring low magnetic field and compact form factor such as atomic clocks, laser spectroscopy and quantum physics applications. The proprietary magnet design produces a high internal magnetic field for improved pumping speeds while the fringe field is >50x lower than conventional magnet designs. Bakeable to 450 °C for UHV applications (with magnet and high voltage cable removed).

Ordering information

IP-1-F 1 L/s Ion Pump. See Note (1)
IP-2-F 1 L/s Ion Pump with integrated 10 L/s non-evaporable getter. See Note (1)
IPC-X Mu Metal Shield
Note (1) F=1.33 for 1.33″ OD mini CF flange (rotatable). F=1.00 for 1.00″ OD micro CF flange (fixed).
Through holes are standard. Example: IP-1-1.33
AOSense IP-1 ion pump, 1 L/s

IP-1 Ion Pump on 1.33 CF Flange with magnet

AOSense IP-3 1 L/s ion pump

IP-2 Ion Pump with getter and magnet

CAD models available upon request. Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your applications.