AOSense has served as a prime contractor for numerous government projects and produced commercial devices for large defense contractors, national laboratories, and universities.

Laboratory-based atomic sensors set the standard for precision and accuracy. For example, the best atomic clock has a timing error of less than 1 s over 30 billion years. Such exquisite performance can improve existing technologies such as GPS and inertial navigation as well as enable entirely new applications in coherent imaging, radar, and global intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Building an atomic sensor that achieves this performance requires mastering a complex system of lasers and optics, vacuum, electronics, and control hardware. To be practical, these sensors also need to operate for days to years without direct contact.

AOSense sensor solutions trade performance for size and simplicity, resulting in practical atom-optic sensors that can operate in real-world environments. Meeting the aggressive size, weight, and power constraints of our compact designs has required AOSense to engineer many novel custom components including vacuum, laser, and electronics hardware.