Erbium Fiber Frequency Comb + Pump

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User must supply pump lasers and control electronics

The AOSense frequency comb is a low noise, polarization maintaining (PM) device. Key features include a PM fiber architecture centered at 1550nm with turnkey modelocking; a free-running linewidth of the carrier-envelope offset frequency of <200 kHz; a temperature-insensitive all-fiber f-2f interferometer exhibiting fceo beatnotes with SNR > 45dB (300kHz RBW); and dual fast/slow cavity length actuators with a bandwidth of >300 kHz. The repetition rate of the comb is factory set and allows matching across multiple combs for dual comb applications. The optics package incorporates an optical heterodyne module designed for locking to the comb to an ITU-specified laser reference. The comb is capable of supporting an Allan deviation of < 5 x 10-18 at 1 second and ~10-20 after 105 seconds. Add-on features include all fiber extensions to visible wavelengths corresponding to several atomic transitions. An integrated comb electronics package is currently under development.

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OFC-160-1550-657, OFC-160-1550-657-P, OFC-160-1550-689, OFC-160-1550-689-P, OFC-160-1550-698, OFC-160-1550-698-P, OFC-160-1550-780, OFC-160-1550-780-P, OFC-160-1550-1064, OFC-160-1550-1064-P