100 mW 461 nm ECDL & 400 mW 461 nm Slave Laser

Please follow the links to see the 100 mW 461 nm ECDL specs or the 400 mW 461 nm Slave Laser  specs.



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ECDL Model No. AOS-IF-ECDL-461
Wavelength (factory tuned at the GHz level) 461 nm
Output power >100 mW
Linewidth<200 kHz typical
Mode-hop-free tuning range (piezo + FFWD current)>10 GHz
Mode-hop-free tuning range (piezo only)2-5 GHz typical
Tuning range (current + piezo + temperature)30-100 GHz
Memory (serial number, safety limits, settings)NVRAM, in laser head
Dimensions (LxWxH)3" x 1.5" x 1"