The AOSense staff has broad capabilities for developing and fielding advanced sensors for precision navigation and timing. Lab-based experiments by AOSense physicists have demonstrated unprecedented precision and accuracy for measurements of rotation, acceleration, time and frequency, and gravity and gravity gradients.

Our staff has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of project execution including theory and analysis, conceptual design, detailed 3D CAD, optomechanical and vacuum design, electronics design, control and analysis software development, packaging, laser design and assembly, integration and testing of control, laser, and sensor head hardware. AOSense has extensive experience developing custom atom trapping and vacuum hardware to meet the challenging size, weight, and power requirements of our customers.

Our 28,000 ft2 facility, located in Fremont, CA is equipped with multiple cleanroom labs for assembling, integrating, and testing optical and vacuum hardware. Extensive test facilities for navigation test equipment including Stacis vibration isolation tables, a precision rotation table, a hexapod for simulating dynamic platforms, a 50 g shaker table, and thermal test chambers. We also have dedicated workshops for electrical assembly and test, vacuum assembly and test, and machining.