AOSense has served as a prime contractor for numerous government projects and produced commercial devices for large defense contractors, national laboratories, and universities.

Laboratory-based atomic sensors set the standard for precision and accuracy. For example, the best atomic clock has a timing error of less than 1 s over 30 billion years. Such exquisite performance can improve existing technologies such as GPS and inertial navigation as well as enable entirely new applications in coherent imaging, radar, and global intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Building an atomic sensor that achieves this performance requires mastering a complex system of lasers and optics, vacuum, electronics, and control hardware. To be practical, these sensors also need to operate for days to years without direct contact.

AOSense sensor solutions trade performance for size and simplicity, resulting in practical atom-optic sensors that can operate in real-world environments. Meeting the aggressive size, weight, and power constraints of our compact designs has required AOSense to engineer many novel custom components including vacuum, laser, and electronics hardware.

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Gravimeter sensor and control electronics


AOSense delivered its first commercial compact gravimeter to an aerospace customer in 2010. Gravimeters are specialized accelerometers used to measure local gravity or variations in the gravitational field of the Earth. The AOSense compact gravimeter integrates an entire lab of equipment into a single portable sensor head and controller, incorporating all necessary lasers, vacuum, and electronics to cool, control, and readout the atomic test masses. The sensor is capable of operating autonomously and acquiring data for weeks. The 20 Hz sampling rate is compatible with operation in dynamic environments.

AOSense External Cavity Diode Laser (ECDL)

External Cavity Diode Lasers (ECDLs)

AOSense has developed a line of compact external cavity diode lasers (ECDLs) offering narrow linewidth (<100 kHz) and excellent stability in a small package. Paired with our custom current and temperature controllers, the laser system offers excellent performance in a novel ECDL architecture that is less sensitive to vibration than other designs.

ILC software

Integrated Laser Controller

AOSense has developed a compact Integrated Laser Controller (ILC) that can be paired with our External Cavity Diode Lasers (ECDLs) to control laser current, piezo transducer (PZT), and temperature. The ultra-low noise electronics are fully digitally controlled. The ILC dimensions are only 5″x2.9″x0.95″. We provide software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that can …

Integrated Laser Controller (ILC)

Integrated Laser Controller + Servo

The AOSense Integrated Laser Controller + Servo (ILC-Servo) has all the features of the standard ILC with additional servo features that may be used to lock the laser to an atomic reference line, optical cavity, or optical beat note. All options and adjustable parameters are fully digitally controlled. Features: Miniature all in one ECDL locking …

Zeeman slower with permanent magnets, magnetic shielding, and transverse cooling

Atom sources

AOSense has developed novel custom atom trapping and vacuum hardware in response to the challenging size, weight, and power specifications of our customers. Our components are engineered to be considerably smaller than standard laboratory hardware, consuming little or no electrical power and requiring no water cooling.

AOSense IP-3 ion pump, 1 L/s

Miniature ion pump

The IP-X ion pump is an ultra-compact 1 L/s ion pump with low stray magnetic field and a miniature high voltage connector designed for UHV applications.